How to remove all tourists from your travel shots


Go to the Louvre.

Hah. Yeah. This is as close as I got.

What I love is that the Louvre has a very simple system for orienting tourists: basically, if you’re not in the room with the Mona Lisa, you’re probably lost, so there are signs on every surface in every part of the museum with an image of the Mona Lisa and an arrow.



This was kind of how I felt at the end of the second extended hours day there:


That’s kind of how I imagine Omaha.


Crowds are really exhausting, we did one day last time. My wife was in a wheelchair so it was extra torturous. I remember looking at that Oedipus relief and thinking “hey, that’s wrong, it should be needles, not a dagger.”


So true. Meanwhile, the rooms with the Vermeers and Dürers are blissfully empty. Tourists are dumb!


A few points of general interest:

  • Chicago is centrally located for all North Americans, and has two international airports;

  • We have the #1 museum in the world (The Art Institute of Chicago);

  • We have two museums physically housed in buildings built for each of the two world fairs (Museum of Science and Industry, the Columbian Exposition; Art Institute, Century of Progress);

  • We have over 100 museums in total, and if you include the greater Chicagoland area (translation: the suburbs) there are even more.

Just saying.



I’ve seen this :smiley:


Is that the same one that is now in Seattle, or another one?


Chicago. I was there for… 18 hours.


I still can’t believe they closed Meigs Field.

Chicago might be central for some Americans, but for me it is a 4000 mile slog.

When I was a kid Science and Industry was free, and there was a dirt parking lot hidden off to the side that always had empty spots and where you could park, also for free. That made it easy to just drop in on impulse and kill a half hour there. Without that easy early access to science education my career path might have been very different


No, I get that the photo was in Chicago, but Seattle now has a similar sculpture by the same artist. I knew Seattle’s came from somewhere else, so I was wondering if it was Chicago but it seems that it was from New York.


I’ve never seen this artists work before then. I had a good time tramping around downtown Chicago. Let’s see if I can find any other photos…


and the police respects personal rights and privacy




How to remove tourists from your photos…

First collect several hundred dollars. Next, buy Photoshop…

Does anyone know if there are similar tools / functions in programs either free or a little less pricey?


@whizse answered this somewhere upthread (if you’ll try it: I’m interested in results)


I’ve had more or less the same results. It’s interesting, and works fairly well, but you need a whole bunch of identical shots. I’d rather keep the tourists and save the memory card space while I’m on vacation.

But like yourself, I use Photoshop every day and didn’t know this trick. That’s the crazy thing about Photoshop – you can learn the surface level stuff easily and really get good at it after awhile, but even after 20+ years of using it professionally, I’m still learning new tricks and techniques buried in it. I had a boss once who’d mastered using a combination of keyboard shortcuts and the Custom filter. He rarely touched a mouse; he’d just open up an image, start typing keyboard shortcuts and plugging numbers into the Custom filter and the images would transform. No idea what he was doing.


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