How to repair a huge $30,000 tire


You just need one of these:


$30,000 to repair one tire? Good grief. I can get four new tires for a Bugatti Veyron at that price.


Cold vulcanizing patch, which is probably why they needed a couple layers of cement.


Didn’t the patch say “un-cured” on it? (I don’t remember, I saw the video weeks ago on another site.) I’m thinking all of that gum rubber needs to be cured, but I don’t know. Rema Tip Top sells this Thermopress for curing large tires:


Not the kind of “banana hammock” I had in mind (thankfully).


I did, and it was wonderful!

Now, if you can show me a screenshot from Loom© I will bow down and worship you for several minutes (or until I hear a C Major chord).



Although, I’m in the middle of playing through Discworld II right now. Will work my way round to LOOM through Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken in preparation for Thimbleweed Park later this year!


Idk, Goodyear just settled an asbestos case with the local union here. They abated the factory decades ago. Every worker that was present at that time was compensated for mesothelioma. PPE & environmental controls are worth more to an employer as long as they work. It’s worth nothing to a worker who won’t wear it.


I’m very upset they didn’t show the money shot.


Of course since the end result isn’t a new tire, the net value of the repair isn’t $30k.


$30K is the price of a new tire, not the price of the repair.


Yes. I realized that later and didn’t bother to edit my post. My point still stands, though: the Bugatti Veyron is more economical than a giant dump truck.


Unlike the Veyron, the dump truck is involved in a revenue-generating activity.


Woah, woah, woah. Bugattis are regularly involved in revenue-generating activity, such as money laundering and insurance fraud.


Just being a Bugatti is a revenue-generating activity.


:bow: :bow: :bow:


I patch the heck out of bicycle tires and jeans. If I had one of these, it would be patched until it literally fell apart.

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