How to repair a huge $30,000 tire


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That is a damn lot of work. Seems like they left off one of the most important parts, though, which is how they heat cure that rubber patch and filler.


I’ve buffed my skived area before and . . . well, I really don’t want to talk about it.


all this work just to save 30,000? Just pay the Man!


Whilst i initially thought that was going to be a lot more involved than a bicycle tire patch, i was still amazed just how much work went into this. Basically disassembling the entire tyre near to the hole right to the very core layer and rebuilding it with a truly massive patch.

Interesting to watch :slight_smile:


I really want that job now.


Yup, that was a lot more complex and involved process than I realized.

When they were working on the inside patch, I kept getting impatient. “C’mon, how many more layers of rubber do you really need there? Augh, now you’re just repeating the same thing you’ve done half a dozen times already!”

Of course, for $30k, you can (and probably should) put quite a lot of time and effort into repairing it…


The price of one of those tires pays for a year of work of one or maybe even two of those guys … So even with the cost of the material it is still profitable to repair it.

But one heck of a job!


Why the vent cords??


Fascinating job.
But I’m more amazed on how a company could put what looks like an official video with so (IMHO) blatant ignorance of basic work safety: sharp knives and air tools used without gloves, cement applied with bare hands.


What’s the vent cord for? Equalising pressure on both sides of the wound?


No mask/respirator? He’ll regret that later in life…


But his employers won’t.

And more importantly, they’ll have saved nearly a hundred bucks on respirator cartridges.



It is weirdly hard to find info on that via google. The Rema Tip Top catalog manual sells “VENT cord” but doesn’t say how or why to use it.

Meanwhile, looking through the catalog, I need this “Extruder EM - Electric driven”. Don’t know why, but I do.


Yeah, my brief google was not fruitful.


I want to try some cushion gum. Can you eat it? Looks yum.


If you’re Googling briefs, I would expect Fruit to veritably Loom in the results.


Just look at it!


I rather strongly doubt one of those technicians earns less than $13.85 and has zero benefits.


I’m guessing the old penny trick doesn’t work with these kinds of tires