How to repair a very large tire

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Apparently it’s a $30K tire so a little repair work is warranted.


Weird, Mark’s version of the video is takedown’d.


I feel like every time I watch this video, they get about 4 steps in, and I’m like “Okay, should be pretty close to done now, just a couple more steps, fill up that hole, and we’re good to go, right?” and then they do 50 more steps and the video has 10 minutes left.

I love the process, but I find that the video itself starts to feel like an aptitude test because of the two text commentary streams running simultaneously. At the beginning, they are both informative and manageable. Then the steps start to pick up speed and at some point the upper text diverges off into automotive tires. Then they are both giving you conflicting hole sizes and then the whole video takes a left turn from tractor tires into car tires! Lol, it’s like working memory saturation.

I think I’ve watched it twice, many years apart, and by the end I’m like:

Technically, consulting a chart is the first step, to see if the tire made its saving throw vs. puncture.

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Nah, Mark’s is a few years old. Not surprising that YT would have taken it down by now. That’s what they do after all. I’m by no means faulting @beschizza for posting it again. It’s so worth watching.

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