How To Swim, an instructional manual from 1587




That old-time copy-paste technique is funny. Make a woodcut with a blank rectangle in the middle. Then use the frame of the illustration over and over by printing a second, smaller, changing woodcut to the blank area after you’ve already printed a bunch of identical frame pages. Of course, it’s kind of tough to get the cross-hatching lines to match up…


The opposite side of the page:


Whenne thou swimmeth 'cross the river:
Do thee sure to mind thine head.
For if thou hitteth it 'gainst the bank:
Shalt thou sinkke and be thou dead.

An’ 'twill happen whilst yon animal,
Has visage turn’d 'gainst thy plight.
So whenne thou swimmeth 'cross the river:
No one animal shall give a shite.

(See thou illustration verso)


This reminds me of that martial arts manual in Kung Fu Hustle. Amazing, the things you can learn by reading a book!


How cold IS that water, anyway?!!


Label in bottom right corner:

Here there be Cute Giant Hedgehogs.


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