Swim with the piggies




Swimming with those pigs looks like a LOT of fun, but ohmygodiwantaplatypus.


OMG! Piggies! So cute!!! Now I want to go to the Bahamas…


what could possibly go wrong?


Not that long ago we would have eaten the pigs. Now we swim with them. I’d call that progress.

Although nothing is as awesome as paddling with platypuses.




Looks like fun… Swimming with piggies in a Bahamas blue lagoon…

Much better than the first image I had in my head from that title (a lovely hog farm lagoon):


Much more polite than the feral pigs of North Carolina. Perhaps that is why people feel more inclined to feed them than eat them.


Tell me it’s called “The Bay of Pigs”…


No wonder ham is so salty.


Especially given the picture immediately below this story in the feed, illustrating the antibiotics story.


Swimming with swine in Bahamas – best vacation ever…
Swimming with swine in China? – not so much…

edited to “internet” the phrasing


I mean, I wouldn’t want to swim in it, but am I the only one who thinks that that’s a really pretty picture?


So, nobody else who has to listen to Philadelphia Chickens over and over and over is surprised this is actually a thing?


That is actually a river that had a hog lagoon spill over into it.
Here are 8 pretty rivers where you wouldn’t want to swim… (Hey, I could “write” for Buzzfeed)
Chinese rivers where you won´t dare to touch the water


I hope they’re not as ornery as the wild ponies of Assateague. Those bastards bite.


My grandpa had ponies. The secret about ponies is they are full of HATE. Ponies hate everyone and especially little girls who love them.


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