No big deal just a bunch of piranhas swarm-feeding on fresh meat in a river


I’d love to see that without the boats crowding and an entire side of beef thrown in. Or a republican.


Mr. Bond. Let me introduce you to my little pets.



That’s one dock you dont want to accidently fall off of.


this visualizations of twitter behavior are getting pretty sophisticated


Supposedly they rarely if ever attack large mammals like humans unless those animals are already dead or dying. But I don’t know how much stock I’d put in that claim because it might just be propaganda spread by the fish themselves to convince us to let our guard down.



I used to think the voraciousness of piranhas was exaggerated, not unlike the candiru, which, while it can swim into your…er…anyway, as I was originally told the story you shouldn’t stand on the riverbank and take a piss into the water because the candiru could swim upstream. That trick would make salmon look like amateurs.

Anyway I was surprised a few years later to learn that the candiru was real, but not surprised to learn that you have to be at least waist-deep to be in danger.

The Diet-Coke-and-Mentos meme was getting tired.


It looks like one of them bites the dockside hose at :39 which results in antifreeze-looking substance in the water. I migt be wrong.

I noticed that burst of greenish-yellow as well.

You like my new hot tub? Hop in, I’ll turn on the jets.


Looks like an easy way to catch some fish, just start poking a sharpened stick in there.

Or, you know, just eat all that meat you’re throwing in the river and cut out the middleman.


Well that was lame. Next time give them something that struggles a little.

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Mythbusters implicitly busted the “swim up pee stream” myth when they tested peeing on the third rail. Pee deforms in air into discrete globules. So unless the candiru can hop from globule to globule, they’re out of luck.

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It’s blood in the water that you have to be especially careful about. I have been swimming in the same waters where we later fished for and caught them. A wire leader on the hook and a little bit of flesh brings some quick action. You have to kill them to safely get them off the hook.They are bony but have a good taste when grilled. God spare you if you get cut and you’re very far from shore.

Yeah, the myth comes from the fact that they are more likely to accidently enter your urethra if you are peeing while actually submerged in water. They mistake the warm moving water for warm water moving out of fish gills and they want to enter and attatch to fish gills. If they accidently enter your urethra they just get trapped and die.

So someone says “Hey don’t pee in the water, you might get a parasite.” And that gets interperted too broadly.

Odd. The body shapes of the fish that I could see look a lot more like catfish or Nile Perch.

If there are piranhas in the crowd, they are staying lower.

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My thought is those pirahnas know how thier food arrives and where to look for it - off the side of that dock. I dont think I would want to be an example of a Pavlovian response. :slight_smile: