Testicle-eating fish spotted in Swedish/Danish waters


Calling shenanigans on this one - Pacu are freshwater fish, I doubt they’d be very happy swimming in the sea…


“You’re more likely to drown than get your nuts bitten off,”

…but let’s issue a general alert anyway, because it’s hilarious!


That’s just God’s punishment for allowing gay people to exist. Those effete blonds are already emasculated, so the fish is just completing the task already started by those Socialist, godless people.



I’d rather take my chances with a testicle-eating fish than the infamous candiru. Although if there was ever a fish on which I called shenanigans it was that one. Although it seems possible that you could be invaded by a candiru if you were in water up to your waist I was first told that men standing on the river bank and letting fly were at risk of the little fish, ahem, swimming upstream.

Real or not reading this post caused mine to crawl back up inside.


Because so many people swim naked in the Øresund, right ?

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Cook them. Cook them with fire. (The fishes that is.)

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Good catch. Their fish expert should be completely ashamed to have his name on this one. Of course, from the look of the article he was just asked an opinion on pacu. It didn’t look like he identified the fish.

Anyway, it amused me to no end. These things are all over the local man made lake that they swim Iron man triathlons through. I always wondered how those guys swam so fast.

Sounds like a good place to wear an armored cod-piece.

If you’re swimming naked in the Øresund I’d worry about them turning blue and falling off first.

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known to attack men’s testicles, because “testicles sit nicely in their mouth.”

Let’s face it, it’s time to stop tea bagging wild, toothy fish.

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Hey - you have your fun, I’ll have mine…

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Aye, who doesn’t like a tasty swedish meatball

Seems like Pacus have very human-looking teeth:


If you wonder where you can get the necessary ingredients for tonight’s nightmare, just imagine those closing around one of your testicles and you’re sorted!

"Aquarists and fish farmers are “the usual suspects” when we encounter unusual fish in places where they do not belong, says Peter Rask Møller. It is possible that someone has emptied their tank in a nearby stream before the holidays and that pacuen then continue into the Sound brackish water. "

Google translated article:

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