How to take the best nude selfies



Playing Cards Against Humanity on the bbS


it would work better with Pantone standard number.


Is Pantone really the logical choice for something that would be displayed on an emissive screen? I’m sure that they’ve branched out; but their strongest associations are with printing and materials pigments, rather than display color spaces…


I assumed the conversation is about the physical space. For that, an existing color standard would be the best choice.


But if you hold the pantone chip up to the screen to compare, you know, to verify whether the carpet matches the drapes, then you’re back where you started. You can’t be sure.


I find that I get the best results when I mount a full length mirror on the ceiling; assume the “crab walk” position; wrap my camera hand backwards between my legs; and remember to stretch my neck so that I don’t get that double-chin look.

I get amazing results when I go for the full-arch “exorcist” position:


Given the resolution at hand seems to be “web safe palette”, I don’t think we need worry about the colour space too much…



It’s a bit of both, arguably: the actual pubic hair being inquired about is a matter of physical space and potentially pantone chips; but the selfie being solicited will live in some variant of RGB, depending on the awfulness of the sender’s camera and recipient’s screen.


I had posted a link to that comic on a forum but I took a second look and by the standards of that forum this comic was literally pornography (because of the faint drawings of pornography) and so I had to delete it.


“making it available without their consent is not only a sexual violation but also means you are a garbage person”

instant classic


Erika Moen is a national pleasure. I mean treasure! (Well, both.)


I love Erika Moen so much. She’s so good at sex comics.


For consenting adults? I thought that adults consented to actual sex. What consent can one give to take nude self-portraits?

In protest of this conceptual bugbear, we - the Childrens Liberation Army - will flood the internet with our underage nude selfies for the next five years, effectively displacing nearly all other network traffic. Welcome to our brave new world, you’re soaking in it!


Hmm, now I’m trying to think up a good name for a Garbage Pail Kid who spreads nude selfies without the subjects’ consent. “Pervin’ Pete?” “Vindictive Vinnie?” “Lex Offender?”


“Seymour Nudes”


I guess it means to ask before sending your junk to someone who hasn’t explicitly asked to see it.


tripods and timers !! a small tabletop tripod may be as cheap as 3 $$ !! and , timers are built into most consumer cameras !! offer void in texas , your mileage may and will vary , lighting option instructions available at small additional cost ~


Completely misleading. A lot of talk on why and of course why not, but not a word on how to take the best nude selfies. Boo!

Her comics always seem to me to be disarmingly, sweetly earnest in this age of constant ironic detachment.