How to trick your brain with M&Ms




Aeeeiii! My eyes!


M&M’s sometimes trick my brain into thinking they are delicious vitamin-packed vegetables. Bad M&M’s!


It really is amazing how well that works and the disconnect between what’s there and what we actually see.
It’s funny though, I’d expect that the dark/light dots on one side of the square would visually reduce that side of the square, making it seem tapered down on that side - instead the opposite happens. I wonder if things would “flip” at all if the M&Ms were closer to the border of each square.


If I eat enough M&Ms it makes my belly appear to bulge. :open_mouth:


HA, I defeated the illusion! I used the technique for breaking an SEP field from Hitchhiker’s guide. Look at it out of the corner of your eye, then snap into full on looking at it.


Saw this one doing the rounds on Twitter recently…just 4 circles.


My brain!


If only spirograph had been that easy…


Fucking M&Ms, how do they work?


Kinda’ weird, but then M&M’s have been messing with our brains since their inception! BTW, are those the peanut butter? I want the peanut butter M&M’s. I’ll do Anything for some peanut butter M&M’s… Arf, Arf !!!
* Wag *


Those supposed M&Ms are magnets.


Aren’t M&Ms attractive enough to be classified as such?


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