M&Ms rebrand as W&Ws to honor women, and/or troll Tucker Carlson

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Oh, this is totally to troll the haters on the right; the fake outrage they’ll generate will give massive free exposure for the candy company.


It’s a win-win! Or, upside down, u!m u!m


It’s a cheap ploy, and I’m not of a fan of marketing schemes and advertising. On the other hand, it’ll PISS the fuck out of Smucker the Yarl’s son, so there’s that.


From the article: “In addition to spotlighting its female characters and their respective candies, M&M’s is also planning to donate $1 from every package sold (up to $500,000) to She Is the Music and We Are Moving the Needle, two nonprofit organizations working to support women in the music industry. The brand is also giving $300,000, in total, to other nonprofits aimed at supporting women “and women who are flipping the status quo,” the press release says.”

It’s better than nothing, but it feels like those figures are missing a couple of zeroes…


Everything that makes people like Tucker C angry benefits them. Fascists thrive on manufacturing outrage among their followers. And like Melizmatic points out above the fake outrage created will of course lead to more exposure for the candy company.

That said, the eventuality of outrage among T Carlson and his like should not govern anything anyone does.


Pretty impressed M&Ms would retool the entire factory for this promotion. Kudos!


Would be more respectful if they bothered to flip the & and apostrophe-s to actually make it W&W’s. As it is, all they did was print the picture on the bag upside-down. Even the text about supporting women isn’t flipped to match the picture. It’d be lazy corporate slacktivism either way, but really, not even the bare minimum effort?


I do hope they’re giving special credit to Shreddies Diamond, and the inevitable Shreddies Diamond combo pack.

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I followed both those links, including the official M&M’s page, and there’s no mention of the “M stands for W” thing.

It’s deeply disturbing to me that the thing Tucker is upset about here is that cartoon candy mascots are not turning him on as much as they used to.
What a disgusting creep.


Harris Faulkner was losing her mind last night about it. Yay!

If carlson previously got turned on by a round ball of chocolate with no gender designating features except the shoes they were wearing, it speaks more about his idiocy/perviness than M&M’s design features.

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I can see the outrage now… “I thought it was well established that only MEN were from Mars.”


Oh, so you admit to being turned on by cartoon characters? Well, you do you, Broth Boy… if you have a kink for Clutch Cargo, then go right ahead. If you have a thing for Spinner or Paddlefoot, you might want to keep that under wraps, though.

Um, they are cartoon characters, so you can’t have a drink with any of 'em.
You probably should’ve laid off the hallucinogens when you saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit? back in the day, but it would explain a lot.

Kinda surprised no one on FOX is screeching about discrimination towards the Es and 3s in the bag.

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