Burger King tweeting through it after telling women they belong in the kitchen

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Burger King. The only fast food chain that could come up with a mascot even more disturbing and terrifying that the combination of a yellow-clad clown and a talking purple gumdrop.

Therefore, are we REALLY surprised their marketing department also can’t figure out Twitter?


Had never heard the term “Schroedinger’s Asshole” before, so thanks for that!


Of course, someone noticed it is International Women’s Day, and decided to be an ass to get media attention. Mission accomplished. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this before the day ends. :unamused:


Burger King and others have found that it’s easier to fart in public to get attention rather than doing something clever or expensive.


Hey you BB"ers, here"s a throw back to better times, or not.


Everybody belongs in the kitchen! Kitchens are awesome! My kitchen is an open kitchen in a living room that is basically my library. Where else would I want to be?


My first thought of a response was of this photo by Jill Posner (1979):


The tweet is an overwhelming success precisely because it generates attention like this Boing Boing article. The more people engage with the tweet, the more the words “Burger King” proliferate. If you want this to change, you have to stop giving them attention.


For the umpteenth time, no. “Not feeding trolls” doesn’t work. We tried that and ended up with king troll in the White House, Nazis as a major political party in the US, and a billionaire author using all her money to get trans people killed, among many other horrible things.

It turns out that if you leave trolls alone, they fester, recruit, concentrate, and organize. There have to be consequences for shitty speech, and sharing what shitty people are saying is step one.


Women belong in the kitchen!
Men belong in the kitchen!
Everyone belongs in the kitchen.
It’s where the food is.


Is anyone–men or women–legitimately upset that Burger King is trying to fight against the front-of-house and back-of-house gender divide? In service restaurants, this generally benefits women because of tips, but in fast food the front-of-house is running the cash register. Whether or not the pay is the same, I believe there are fewer women in the kitchen at burger king and at most restaurants, and this tweet is an obvious play on an old trope trying to make that point.

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Well, according to their own logic, and assuming Burger King is the one making/creating the burgers, one can only conclude the King is in fact a Queen.


I agree. The BK tweet is like some bullshit “all lives matter” logic in reverse.


I am slightly disappoint that this article doesn’t contain a link to the twitstorm in question. For the curious who don’t want to bother, here’s the tweet in question:

As @bunkyboar suggests, this is supposed to be a women-positive sentiment due to how the labor divide in UK fast food works. But it’s hard to argue that the Popehat’s law of goatfuckers doesn’t apply.


One of the problems with being super ironic like this is that it makes it really hard for anyone to take your apology at all seriously if you do accidentally fuck a goat.


Yes, that is exactly why people are upset. Or, maybe, in a world where current US politicians speak out against early childhood education programs because they make it easier for women to leave the house, a little playful misogyny was a poor choice.


Right?!? Because as with the goat-f—ing example, even when you do it playfully, it’s still misogyny!


borger king has always been a garbage company with garbage marketing and garbage food. i’m convinced they’ve only survived because of contrarian consumers who pretend it is a preferable alternative to macdowel’s.

remember the ad with the woman giving a bk sandwich a blowjob? or the one glorifying russian militarism? or the one suggesting only real men could handle their food?

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Ugh, I remember those hats. :roll_eyes:

Off-topic, our former next-door neighbors’ aunt was in a Burger King commercial around this time.