How to use an electric shock lighter to lose friends

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You know if you did that to me I would throw it in the garbage. And you would be subject to a much, much, much worse practical joke.

My favorite was a friend that had a burn pile. Every day he would soak it in diesel. For a year. Then, as he and his step son nursed a Steel Reserve he told his patsy to throw a match on the pile.

A mushroom cloud was gained and much face hair was lost.

Don’t prank people unless it is funny.

let me amend this

You shock me with a gag lighter, ha-ha, I won’t explode you. But inexplicably your socks will be damp for your life time.

The mystery almost makes it tempting, for those who like to solve puzzles!

Agreed, the golden yardstick of pranks is whether the recipient would find it funny. (The exception is when the victim is utterly deserving of having something shitty done unto him.)

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cracks knuckles trade secret

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