How to wire a garage door opener

Once I saw it go along a fence, I was hoping for plug and socket hanging on post at entrance to drive where driver could reach from car window and put plug into socket to open doors without getting out of car, when s/he got home at night.


There, I Fixed It is basically my house. We produce some damn fine weed and homebrew tho. You just don’t wanna see how the sausage is made.

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To be fair to the kludger, the current draw on an opener is less than a watt when idle. It can be several hundred watts when engaged, but for the short periods involved the wire used should be able to handle it. (Of course, there are many other failure modes in that setup.)

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Yeah Aussie here. My dad had an electrical ticket for work on PLCs and we always wired our own houses, but they were never legal. You always had to be careful where you put your fingers. At one point we inspected a house my dad had inherited, and which had been rented for decades. In one place a new GPO had been installed with figure eight speaker wire (two conductors, no ground) stapled along the skirting board. That was sketchy, even by our standards.


Engineer I knew was working on computer hardware in a third world country. There was a mat on the floor. When he lifted it he found the 15kV power supply for the building sitting on the floor,

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