How was Halloween celebrated in the early 1900s?

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Also in the same vein is this short mini-episode of the excellent Bone and Sickle podcast from Al Ridenour.


Rather than maximum frights and gore, it was more about spookiness, mystery, an air of whimsy, fortune-telling and flirting, and a celebration of nature.

Not surprising. People at the time were fascinated by the occult. A Halloween that reflected that seems natural. In our own time, everyday culture is filled with violent imagery. Why would Halloween be any different?


In the 1960s trick or treating was the big way to celebrate Halloween. If there was a party making candy apples and bobbing for apples was about it for fun and games. Maybe at adult parties things were different but none of the adults in my life back then ever hosted a Halloween party unless it was for kids.

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If you listen closely, you can still hear the weeping of those whose craft skills were not up to the task of duplicating the elaborate centerpiece pictured.


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