Halloween safety video from 1977


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03:25 - In 1977, contrast levels were extremely poor. In recent years, through the miracle of technology, Mother Nature has gone hi-def, and in some places, 4k.

05:00 - “I’m supposed to be Lilith, Queen of Darkness, not Serena the Safety Cone. The razor blades from my apples are going to mysteriously wind up in your green-bean casserole if you don’t cut it out.”


She’s getting peanuts along with her candy. In the shell peanuts. Go to better neighborhoods.


If you see a guy that looks like Captain Kirk… That’s not Captain Kirk!!!


Are there better neighborhoods in New Jersey?



How times have changed. Now it’s pretty much a moot point, because trick-or-treating takes place during the day on a Sunday, with parents driving behind the kids in a car. It makes me nostalgic for wooden (or even metal) Halloween props.


There you are, little girl. Now they’ll see you coming from miles away!


Reminds me of this ice cream cone costume:

To be fair, the man in the costume had never heard of the KKK, and most KKK uniforms don’t have sprinkles or waffle cones.


Not around here. It’s old-school here, right down to older siblings often doing the chaperoning for the young ones, and anyone over about 9 or 10 walking in their own groups.


One of the last times I took my daughter trick or treating with a friend of ours (in their neighborhood) the first house we went to didn’t have anything ready yet, so they gave the kids bags of cotton candy!



that poor kid – she wanted to be a witch, not a princess (with a white witch’s hat??). if they had cut bigger eyeholes in her mask, given her a flashlight, and covered her in reflective tape, she could’ve gone as what she originally wanted, instead of having to be made to change her entire idea and persuaded that it was “better.”

the propaganda of tossing out home-made treats because they are inherently dangerous and made by psychopaths always reminds of the heartbreaking scene in the Halloween Freaks & Geeks episode where the mom spent all afternoon baking cookies to hand out, and the parents of the kids were chucking them out onto the lawn and the street as the kids were leaving their house.


Amazing. Does this still take place on Halloween night, or has Halloween been moved to the nearest Sunday afternoon? Do the kids still have wooden and metal props like in the old days, or is everything cheap plastic and cheaper cardboard?


Costumes are a mix, from totally handmade and creative, to bought-off-the-shelf, to bits and pieces put together from various sources, to only having one “costume” item (mask, cat ears, face paint, something like that).

Halloween is on Halloween. Period. I actually have to stop giving out candy early this year because my choral rehearsal goes on as normal, it being a Monday night and all.


TL;DW but I did skip through a bit and this totally jumped out at me.


Decided to watch the video after all. Someone was giving out bosc pears?


If anything I think there’s actually a decrease in the cheap store-bought costumes from the 1970s when I was a trick-or-treater – I seem to remember nearly everybody wore cheap plastic mask and smock things of a superhero or something.


This is a thing? Where?


Whenever Halloween falls on a Wednesday–a very big church night, especially in the southeast, for some reason–my hometown city council always has a lengthy session to discuss whether it should be “moved” to October 30th or November 1st.

When I was a kid this once resulted in me getting to go trick-or-treating two nights in a row. :imp:


Anywhere people are overly concerned about their kids being out at night.

I think it’s a little overprotective, but I have no kids.