Not too late to host a "Weeny Witch" Halloween party tonight!


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What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

…Because pipe-cleaners with SHOE POLISH on 'em is just the thing that I want touching my hot dogs…MMMM…



No catsup, no baked beans, no potato salad, no soda.

Let me finish my ice cream and cake, tho.


I find myself contemplating all the thousands of sad, sad attempts there must have been made to make a “Weeny Witch” that looks even half as good as the one pictured. The sadness, it depresses, oh.

[quote]Unfortunately it didn’t catch on, but perhaps the time is finally right.[/quote]Protein-loaded wieners are a fine alternative to candies with all those nasty carbs, aye.


Why can you never starve at a Halloween party?

Because of all the Weeny Witches there.


Waitaminnit, I thought sausage fests were the kind of parties to avoid.


Okay, I clicked through for the entire Weird Universe article.

I think the concept guy for the promotion might have been a pedophile.


“Sure to be tender, because they have no skin!”

Sounds delish.



These potatoes have a little wang to them.


I think I noticed the same subtle message:
“Blindfolded kids would then try to stick their weeny in the witch’s mouth.”


Her minions.


You mean your skinless weiner?


They sure are mighty proud of having no skin in the game.


YES, that’s how you market wieners. No obnoxiously-difficult paper craft desperately cobbled together from ambiguous and questionable instructions, and an opportunity to sell a little plastic doohickey at a 5000% markup. The Japanese were just so many miles ahead in this area.


Depends on just how much sausage a person likes, I think.


Who was the genius who thought “Skinless” was a good brand name?


At least they didn’t go with their first idea, “FlayedAlive”.


Yikes! What did they do with all those skins?