How would a bird the size of a boat get airborne?


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It’s the ekranoplan of birds!


I would love to know what 1950s sedans are 24 feet long… or are even that much larger than a modern car.

According to Wikipedia, the longest sedan is the Rolls Royce Phantom, at just over 6 meters.

So, none of them, I guess?

Edit: I just found one at just over 20 feet: the 2005 Maybach Exelero Coupe

The article said it was the size of a 1954 sedan. I think they meant it was comparable in overall size and not that its wingspan of 20’-24’ was the same as a 1954 sedan. The longest production car was the 73-76 Cadillac Series 75 at 21’.
The bird in question is estimated to have been between 48 and 88 pounds.

This article reminds of the cartoon Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor:

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What article? I didn’t see anything in the WP about this.

Singling out a 1954 sedan makes little sense, as you might as well use a Toyota Camry or any number of modern cars as an equivalent. Of course, all of them weigh more than 88 pounds and are less than 24 feet in length, so I don’t understand the comparison.

And they said the Spruce Goose would never fly.

Eyeballing at the accompanying graphic, the bird looks about 7-8 feet long which seems smaller than your average sedan.


JATO units.

Or see any of a number of tiny postwar European “people’s” cars.

The Bruce Museum has a link to a WSJ interview with the scientist:

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