Adult Sized Little Tikes Car for Sale

Some guy built a Little Tykes car, but adult-sized and wants to sell it on ebay motors. Comes with a plastic kitchenette.


Jason Torchinsky over at Jalopnik will be all over this.

I doubt you’d get this imported in the States, for all the quips about British Bureaucracy we are pretty lax about what can be called a car.

They’d probably end up crushing it like the recent Defenders.

Also, £21K is a stretch. It looks like it needs some work in the ebay photos.

Oh, quite probably, but he’s all about the tiny, weird cars.

Indeed. Might want to be careful on the test drive though.

Captain Jack has a new ride!!!


There’s no Edd China in the US?

China holds many Guinness World Records, including the fastest shed, toilet, bed, milk float and the largest motorised shopping trolley in the world.

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