How you can legally get high on THC in 49 U.S. states

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They (that is, the man, them, the establishment, man) has been looking for an easy cop-administered test for marijuana highness for some time. This might just be the hint to their long desired detection device!

increased hilarity of Spongebob Squarepants

(“Sir, you must now direct your attention to this video on the officer’s cellphone…”)


I’ve served on a jury for an 18 yo that was being tried for “intent to distribute” and facing years in prison, a felony conviction that would take away voting rights, and just general life-screwing crap of being an ex-con in our society for 2 grams of marijuana

(it was in NOLA and was a hung jury, and thankfully the current DA there isn’t continuing anything so obscene)


Yeah I been ordering from Hionnature and getting fire straight to my door, high as shit rn haha


Legal in 48 states, think that’s Idaho and Utah no no.

Anybody have any experience with these products? I’ve been patiently waiting for any kind of legal way to use cannabis products here in Ohio. I’m reasonably convinced my mental health would be significantly improved, if I can even afford them. But I’m wary of scammers too.


Ditto on this: looks like the LifeHacker writer ended up ordering from, but is anyone else willing to speak to either this company or others offering delta-8 products?


@transmothra yes, there is a product called Dad Grass that I tried and I’m enjoying it. Your brain stays clear but your body relaxes, just like it was 20 years ago when I was first experimenting with the gooofyroot. And @boingboing don’t forget to pay your spell check license! Idaho not Iadho!


Hmmmm. This looks like it is worth investigating.
Looks like there are several places around town with the stuff, in addition to online.

I stopped making it a habit of buying weed when the price reached $20/oz, & I understand that
potency has gone up in the intervening decades.
So, I am thinking that the relative lesser potency of delta-8 re: delta-9 would be a wash.
I am also thinking it will kick my ass… heh…
We shall see.

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Delta 8 has taken off here in Tennessee - virtually all of the little CBD shops carry some kind of products that have it. Carts for vaping and gummies seem to be the most popular products. I’ve become a big fan of gummies - a 10 mg one will give me a quality buzz without all the anxiety and racing heartbeat I get from smoking the regular stuff. A 25 mg gummie gets me really stoned. So look around - while doing a mail order is certainly convenient and private, you can quite likely get something right in your neighborhood and support your local economy.


I find modern weed deeply unpleasant - way too potent and anxiety provoking. Is there anybody with similar experience that has opinions on this compound?


Yes, I have tried to flower and the Vape Cartridges from RedemperorCBD, the Vape gives you a body high and puts you to sleep real quick. I also love the fact they have the third testing bar code on the packaging so if you get pulled over by the police and have it in your car you can prove fast that it’s legal. Saves you a trip to jail or a ticket depending on what state you are in.


I dream of the day when people from all walks of life can understand the subtle multi layered complexities of Spongebob Squarepants… and delta-8 might just be the ticket that’ll take them to that promised land.
I mean an a-sexual dish sponge posing as a sea sponge holding hands with another a-sexual sea creature out of platonic love living in bikini bottom where the money bags is mr krabs? What other alchemical fountain of youth elixir conjures up something like that?


Well, I’m feeling all Idaho about Spongebob now, great. At least I know what to mailorder in case of 8 indictors. (Any blu-ray of Spongebob or Knights Lamune… and some delta-8 THC.)

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I avoid weed because the large majority of the stuff that’s on the market today makes me paranoid and feeling like I’m going to be stuck inside of this quasi hallucinating state for ever and then I look at the clock and it’s 15 mins later. I hate getting high but once a year I do it. I got the delta 8 gummies from my local cbd Kratom and vape shop. I got two 25mg gummies to test out. I ate 25 mg last night and with in an hour was So fucking high for 3 hrs before I fell asleep. Made me feel all the things I hate about weed very intensely


49…Uh, nope. They will not mail their products to Georgia.

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Can confirm, does what it says on the tin.

My partner and I discovered this last week. Neither of us had any experience with vaped oil, but had gotten high-grade distillate wax a few times over the past couple years.

The handful of Delta-8 oils we have tried so far are roughly equivalent to the real stuff in terms of efficacy. My take on the major differences so far that the experience tends more toward high than stoned (that’s a good thing) and that if you thought you knew what the munchies were but weren’t really prone to them, well, better stock up (that’s not a good thing).

Don’t forget the beautiful angst of Squidward

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That’s been my complaint in recent years. The anxiety doesn’t truly get to me because I can tell it’s not real anxiety, but I still don’t enjoy that sensation. This stuff though, none of that.

Can you vape that stuff in a normal vape rig, or does it need a specialized atomizer? I’m using a GeekVape Blitzen (which I love).

Man I am so out of the loop on the modern high life these days