How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Your Home


Is there a reason you have the 2007 edition cover pictured rather than the 2012 edition?

Amazon link for newer edition

In the amazon link in the blog entry i was led to the current version of the book. Not sure why they’d picture an older version of the book, maybe it was because they already owned an older version and were able to take a nicer looking picture themselves? I don’t know really.

Anyway, i was going to say that i might buy this for my brother and his wife. They seem to run into problems with their house, and they are always strapped for cash… this might be something nice to get them.

I needed this book so badly when I inherited a house in my early 20s. Watching Daddy doesn’t really provide much education.

I purchased this book about a year and a half ago when I started remodeling the basement of my house which was built in the mid 30-s. It is incredibly useful to show WHY things need to be put together a specific way in order to be safe and reliable. I suggest also a copy of “Codes for Homeowners” if you’re going to do any building or remodeling.

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