Howard Schultz describes Starbucks corporate as Jews held captive by Nazis on death trains in an attempt to stop unionization

I remember that when I started work at Trader Joe’s umpteen years ago part of their welcome packet was a friendly note from the CEO telling us how we were all a big happy family and the company took such good care of us that we had no need for a pesky union. Admittedly, it was a couple of years before they started dismantling the excellent retirement plan and instituting a tiered wage system to keep salaries low, but, you know…


And there are a handful of prominent Black people who will tell you that taxation is a form of slavery.

They are wrong too.


“Not everyone, but most people shared their blanket with five other people,”

You know, he could have evoked this imagery without making a bad analogy with the Holocaust.


Welp, if nothing else he’s immune to parody. I hope his employees loot the stores down to the copper piping on their way out.


Fun paragraph from the OP:

Starbucks told Motherboard at the time that [anti-union reprogramming sessions] were encouraged but not mandatory, and that the decision to close one of the stores and use it as a “training store” was a response to complaints from workers that they weren’t receiving enough training and had been stung by bees in a beehive that had been at the store for months.

I dunno, I feel like maybe it was collective punishment for union-curious employees? And not [checks notes] motherfucking bees? If only there were some way to intuit the truth.


ears perk up

I am always interested in workspace design. Doubly so when coldbrew is on the line.

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I am so happy to have been inoculated against that incredibly young. As I was preparing to start my first job two of my mother’s pieces of advice were to never work for free and that if anyone said they were like a family that they are trying to get you to work for free.


The atheists must be correct, or sure as shit every last MFer who talks like this would be struck by lightning.


I’m imagining the bee hive is now part of the training environment.


I’ve been refusing to buy Starbucks since they destroyed the Coffee Connection (a great local chain). That was 25 years ago. Now normally, I’m not the type to hold a grudge that long, but on a pretty regular basis they throw up a reason to renew.




I made sure to tell any student workers I had in the bakery at the college I worked at about the realities of working and unions and how your boss isn’t really your friend and so on. I hope it stuck a little bit, even if they didn’t give it much mind at the time.


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