Etsy merchant introduces old-time religion to Starbucks cup. Hail Satan!

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Corrected version:

People who are upset that Starbucks is not religious enough for them now have yet another option in addition to the countless number already available to them but some will still be upset about it because it’s not their religion and if there’s one thing worse than their religion not being trumpeted wherever they demand it’s the existence of other religions being acknowledged.


Currently sold out. I’m not a Starbucks customer normally but it would have been fun to take that cup in.

Wait, is this a thing now? Not that I’m surprised.


Some guy wants to “start a movement” because Starbucks is “taking Christ out of Christmas” by having a plain red cup rather than the snowmen, reindeer, baubles, Christmas trees and other explicitly Christian symbols that they had in previous years.


$20 BUX!? Isn’t the coffee already expensive enough?

Josh Feurstein can go suck on a tailpipe. That dickhead is encouraging people to “assert their religious rights” by carrying around guns to shoot anyone they misconstrue as oppressing the frankly least oppressed, and most unfairly favored religious group in North America. Fuck that guy. I hope he gets shot by a cop when he pulls his gun stunt next time.


“I told them my name was Merry Christmas. So guess what Starbucks, I tricked you into putting Merry Christmas on your cup!”

Isn’t he a wily one, culture jamming for Christ!

Good thing Starbucks provides decent health insurance to its baristas; I can only imagine the injuries sustained from the pronounced eye-rolling that ensued.


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