HOWTO make a flaming uke inspired by Max Max's Doof Warrior


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The igniter button could be wired to a switch attached to the caulk-gun, reducing the number of operations to activate the flame into just one.

The gas valve and igniter could be also activated by a bowden cable, e.g. from a bicycle brake, for a smaller assembly and ability to activate the device by a foot pedal. A model servo can also be used, for electrical/electronic actuation.

A cool thing even as-is, I’d say! :smiley:
More of these, please! Way way more!


Have you done this before?


Not yet, but it is on a todo list so the reviews and literature and previous-works research is being done.

Edit: Working with long flames in a messy indoor workshop is not a good idea, and I don’t work outside That Much. :frowning: Hence, delays… But I’d likely use a modded stun gun as the igniter, has more powerful spark than those little igniters. The downside of the fat, bright spark, especially in an acoustics-related application, is that it is fairly loud…
Stun guns are pretty interesting; see e.g. this one:

The charging circuitry is rather atrocious, but the potted power module is worth the cost. I should try to feed its output to a Marx generator. And rig up some high-grade voltage divider to monitor the output voltage and current, in order to get the breakdown waveforms, for testing of dielectric strengths of materials…


If I ever built a full Boba Fett armor system, I pretty much would have to put a working flame thrower on it. I mean, I have to.


DoitdoitdoitdoitoitdoitDOOOEEEEEEET!!! :smiley:
And post the build log (please!, and pretty please also the blooper reel…).
And design the valves around a cutoff system, make sure there is as low as possible amount of gas between the valve and the nozzle, so you have a fast shutdown.
And use nomex or similar flame-resistant material for the cloth parts.
And test the actual fire resistance of the used materials/design, under simulated fault conditions; better see that pesky unexpected failure mode on a mockup than while wearing the armor. If feeling brave, make two and test one to destruction.
But then, I am paranoid, and while attracted to fire in a rather major way, I am also rather afraid of it…

Edit: Also, thermal cameras are becoming affordable, at least the low-res versions (FLiR One and its ilk). Could be handy to have around for playing with fire, to see where the equipment is likely to overheat from conduction and radiation under prolonged operation conditions.


Hahah - well this is away of in the future. But yes I too was thinking nomex and some of the parts metal. IIRC the flame thrower isn’t in every version of the armor. Most people make it like ESB or RotJ, but my heart I think is set on the pre-release pics the toy was based off of. Like this:

I did just pre-order Stormtooper armor in kit form. So this might lead me down that path… And about once a month I do look around for the flare gun Fetts blaster is based on.

For the trooper, I am debating to get a resin cast rifle, or make a working prop from a semi-auto Sterling clone… or make a non working prop from a real demilled sterling.

Ironically, there is a guy on CL locally with a metal blaster… not sure what the story is, if he freaking answers me back, I may end up getting what I want for a good price with no sweat.


Nope. It’s not being played by a cute nerdy girl, and it’s not steampunk at all. The guy’s just phoning it in.


It amuses me that people focus so much on the flame thrower components that they miss the part when he wraps tape around the headstock OVER the strings rendering the instrument untunable.


In the noise of the battle, nobody will hear the tuning anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

…also, a permanent setup would not use the tape, consider this a pre-prototype proof-of-concept. :stuck_out_tongue:

…but good observation :smiley:


I see where I went wrong with the flame-throwing kazoo. :ghost:


How about John Brosio’s rendition:


Interesting. And I can own real eagle feathers…


As if ukeleles aren’t dangerous enough already!


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