WATCH: Flamethrower + trombone = Pyro-Trombone


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That’s no trombone. That’s a tromburn.


Waiting for the first ska band to strap a Pyro-Trombone to the top of their rig and film a Mad Max video. …honestly, a bit surprised it hasn’t happened yet.


A Flambone (á la flambé), surely. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen a brass band doing something similar in the local Illuminaires event, where people come to a park in Vancouver and make all sorts of paper lanterns etc.

But a trombone player I met had an interesting piece that was titles “Trombone and 100 balloons” where a long pin was attached to the trombone and while he played he kept bursting balloons in the room.


Please note: The trombone model pictured is no longer available in Michigan.


So is it illegal in Michigan? Michigan mayors proposes ban on personal flamethrowers


None of my neighbors are this cool.


That’s quite an impressive tromboner.


The flamethrower makes the trombone noise worth it!


Won’t the flames turn that into a rusty trombone???
Hmmm, Flaming Rusty Trombone - off to the Urban Dictionary I go…


Trombones tend to be brass. At least the flame-exposed areas.

The corrosivity of the combustion product will strongly depend on the kind of fuel. As it is a copper alloy, it will be sensitive to traces of ammonia (hi, intergranular stress cracks), but there are few nitrogen-containing fuels. The flame is unlikely to be hot enough to produce nitric oxides (and nitric acid) in any significant amount, too.


Should play together with Doof Warrior.


He was pretty pitchy. And those big flames can heat up metal fairly quick. I think the pitchiness was coming from the slide grease on the rear tuning slide beginning to melt, letting that rear tuning slide wobble a bit, and his having to focus on both playing and triggering the pyrotechnics probably hindered his ability to compensate for pitchiness using the main slide.

I’ve never done anything this cool with a trombone, but my old trombone from high school was sent off by firing a mute like a cannon using about a pound of black powder (actually it was probably more. Basically, enough to fill the whole thing to the brim). There wasn’t much left besides the mouthpiece.


Store Manager: Be careful with that stuff now, you know there are kids making bombs with it these days.
Teen Buyer: Really?! Who would do such a thing?

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A: we were careful enough. And it pretty much was a bomb anyway. Good thing abandoned quarries typically aren’t damaged by explosions.

B: Bored teenagers with older brothers who don’t have any problem walking into a sporting goods store and buying a gallon container of black powder to make us stop bugging them.


I didn’t communicate well there. Sorry. Didn’t mean at all what you thought.


I saw something pretty similar in Mythbusters. :smiley:

…I should play with that thermite I keep promising myself to mix…


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