HOWTO make a realistic brain-cake for your zombie parties


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We do a Halloween party for our friends every year. Our neighborhood is a closed plat, so we get 300-400 kids roll through and the Police patrol the play on foot to provide safety for all kids…so its a great trick or treating spot.

We invite everyone to join us. park the cars in the yard. put the fire pit in the driveway. and we eat and drink all night while all the older kids go out in a group, and 1 set of adults volunteers to take the youngest ones out so the other adults can relax.

I am so making this cake this year!!!


I love this cake but the difficulty level might be above my baking grade. Besides my co-workers are no longer interested in Halloween parties and no kids come through the neighborhood.

Every year I buy candy, turn on the porch light, and strap on the Hannibal Lecter mask in vain.


I have a great recipe for “brain gravy”.


If the cake recipe is too tough, you can always get a brain shaped Jello mold. Peach Jello with a little milk mixed in makes a VERY realistic looking (and quite tasty) brain:


Please don’t throw something like that out there without sharing the actual recipe. :slight_smile:


At work we lovingly refer to our office sludge coffee as “brain gravy”.


I love you, but what I really want is to EAT YOUR BRAIN.
Thank you, Return of the Living Dead.


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