HOWTO make a steam-powered RC tank



Sweeeeeet. But I want a steam-powered iPad so I can log on to Steam.

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This particular instructable is a lot better than many I’ve seen there, it looks very well designed and the construction looks rock solid. And how freaking cool (and simultaneously HOT HOT HOT) is a radio-controlled, steam-powered vehicle, anyway?

Edited to add: You get to hear the tiny steam whistle in the second video-


I have one of those old model steam engines from the 1950s in the garage. It’s missing the smoke stack and the little spinning thing. I also the toy workshop of 8 toy cast iron tools that run off a belt driven shaft. There’s a tiny toy drill press, table saw, lathe, milling machine, trip hammer and others.

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To properly execute the steam-punk oeuvre, shouldn’t the radio involve spark-gaps and coherers…

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