Watch ten eggs get sucked into a steam-heated jug

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“hold my beer”

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At least he’s not as idiotic as the backyard “scientist”.

Only 10?


something something 8-ball through a garden hose

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Can it suck the chrome off a hitch?


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Just Cadbury trying to go viral.

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:notes: Grab your goggles, put your lab-coat on - here he comes, Professor Proton! :notes:

Someone could design a engine that sprays steam into a cold cylinder and utilizes the pressure of the atmosphere to drive the piston. A sterling steam runs on similar tech, expanding and contraction of gases but nothing that i know of utilizes the phase change between steam and water to generate power. Seems like a lot of energy that could be captured.

I believe it’d have to work the other way around, the cylinder would have to be hot and the spray would be cold. Either way i presume the limiting factor here would be the contraction and expansion of materials would take a quick toll and fatigue the metal. Seems like a much quicker reaction than a sterling engine so stress on materials would be quite amplified.

Totally layman opinions/thoughts btw.

I mean, just watch some of the videos from before the explosives charges were brought against Grant.

So glad he wore his safety glasses.

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Do you need some coffee, friend?

do you mean like an urban dictionary cup of coffee?

which i had to look up :frowning:

probably, yeah

A good thwump! always gets a chuckle out of me. But ten in a row, whoa! :wink:

Isn’t that what steampunks do, when not gluing gears on things and/or adjusting their monocles?

My understanding is that carnot cycle efficiency demands created an incentive to operate at substantailly higher pressures, where possible, with the operational examples hovering between the ‘efficiency is miserable’ low pressures and the ‘your primitive metallurgy makes this absurdly dangerous’ high pressures; until today’s near-extinction outside of power-plant scale operations with careful maintenance and professional staff.

This may make me one of those dang-blasted concern trolls, but I cringed at this video - especially because he had sunglasses perched on top of his head while he did it.

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