HP blinked! Let's keep the pressure on! [PLEASE SHARE!]

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HP announced plans to reverse the current security patch with a new security patch, rubbing their hands with glee and cackling fiendishly.


Sources and examples? Not saying didn’t happen, but if you throw out a line like that, you need to back it up.

HP has to promise not to attack security researchers who disclose vulnerabilities in its printers

Um… The author is saying that needs to happen, not that it has happened.

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It’s kind of a pointless ask if it’s not been something that’s happened before, nor something unrelated to patches, ink, DRM, etc.

FYI I can find two references to HP and security legal threats: one from 2002 and one from 2012. Neither involved printers (Unix and a router).

Found them at http://attrition.org/errata/legal_threats/

Once again, and? The post I responded to had nothing to do with what the
author was saying, that simple.

On a daily basis my work hp printer asks to update.
No I say!
Fine, I’ll just sulk and then crash according to my secret randomised schedule.


Have you been reading a different Boingboing to the rest of us? Companies threatening individuals who report defects in their security under DMCA 1201 is a thing that gets reported on this blog a bit. If HP have or have not done it up to this point is neither here nor there. They’re simply being asked to promise not to. A promise would say nothing about past behaviour, nor imply it; it would just be a commitment to not doing it in future. When you swore allegiance to the flag in school (assuming you’re American), were you up to that point a filthy communist fifth columnist who planned to overthrow the government, one school grade at a time?

Bear in mind that we’re talking about a company that just put out an upgrade to brick their printers if their users had the temerity to use ink not made by HP. A company may be a human being for certain legal purposes, but we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking of them as gentlemen.


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