HP blinks, says it will restore printer functionality, but there's a LOT more it needs to do

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Perhaps HP didn’t think this one through.

If my HP Bogo-Jet 9999 mysteriously quit working, it would quickly become landfill. If they don’t want people using non-HP inks, then exactly two things would improve compliance brand loyalty:

  • lower the cartridge prices – they’re high.

  • improve the ink level measure method – they lie.



FWIW - The new firmware push will probably not be a big issue, IMHO - if they push it the same way as the FW that broke it.

I have an affected printer in my house. If I hadn’t moved it from one office to another and consequently reset up its networking (yes, I have separate subnets in my home…don’t you?) I’d have never noticed the “Install Important Firmware Update” message

SO people who update FW on their devices, will update again. People who don’t upgrade, aren’t affected. People who got the first upgrade and then threw out your printer… Well, I hope you bought a different brand…

In truth, is it not more desirable that HP continue in their role of hated, mustache-twirling villain for as long as possible? If they do a 180 and swear never to abuse DRM, that addresses one tiny part of the issue, but it also kills off a perfect teachable example of this relatively arcane category of evil.

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An optional update that I’m sure HP will A) advertise far and wide, or B) tell no one about.

What will it be, America? A or B? You choose!!!

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Most likely advertise. They already know the tech geeks know what they’re up to, and are busy telling IT departments throughout the land. The best way to limit PR damage is to claim the high ground. Be sure and point out how Epson or Brother or whoever are less transparent now.

This won’t affect me either way. I tried to get my printer cartridges refilled for my fifteen-year-old HP printer, but my printer is so old the refiller didn’t offer the service anymore. Strangely, I can still buy brand new HP ink cartridges. Yea…:confused:

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I never understood how there could not be laws that forbid a manufacturer to make his product unusable with third-party upgrades. I mean, it’s not just about the mad prices of printing ink, but also about ressources ans sustainabilty. When a printer costs 30$ but ink refill costs 40$ upwards, printers already become garbage as soon as they leave the factory. I see working printers laying in the streets every week. Manufacturers should be forced to make their products sustainable, so printer prices can be raised again and ink prices lowered.


[quote=“salvarsan, post:2, topic:86427”]lower the cartridge prices – they’re high.[/quote]That’s all it comes down to, isn’t it? If someone can wave a Magic Petition to solve any particular problem, then instead of whinging about security updates and the DCMA, we should have them charge reasonable prices for durable, long-lasting devices with well-written bloatware-free drivers that consume reasonably-priced cartridges. It’s just as likely to happen.

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