Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou of China granted $10 million bail by Canada judge, awaits US extradition hearing


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$10 Million bucks is peanuts to Meng, she’ll take the first flight out’s Canada for sure.



She is soooo outta there.



Maybe I just don’t understand the subtleties of international business but I’m confused as to why the U.S. has a say in who a foreign company does business with? I assume we could just prevent Huawei from doing business in the U.S. (which I believe we’ve done for other reasons) but how can she be held accountable to our laws?

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Because it about US made goods exported under the agreement that they wouldn’t be reexported to banned locations. If they didn’t agree to that, they wouldn’t have been allowed to export them. That is, they did business in and with the US. If they were just a Chinese company selling Chinese made goods the US wouldn’t really have much say.



Perchance,Canada is a vassal state Huh?



On the one hand, the US can prosecute this case. On the other hand: Why? The Iran sanctions are dumb and have been dumb for a long time, and antagonizing the Chinese isn’t going to make them try and spy on us less.

But I didn’t go to the Donald Trump School of International Relations (coming to a campus near you!)



I’d suggest that this arrest has little to do with Iran or the law, and more to do with the deliberately-manufactured US/China trade war.

The Trump administration has been deliberately antagonising the Chinese from day one.



The PLA will be coming to get her by Christmas.It’ll be an Operation Santa Claus, helicopter longlining her off the roof of her house on Christmas day to a waiting submarine. Transfer to private yacht once they’re in international waters.Next stop Hong Kong. Then her surveillance team will receive handsome Christmas presents in offshore accounts for watching it all happen.




I’d complain about Trump not understanding the rule of law, but it might have been one of his fart catchers that sent out the extradition request in the first place.



Well, she’s wearing an ankle bracelet tracker, so there’s that. Sure, those things are defeatable, but then there’s the problem of getting airborne, also not insurmountable. Does she want to be a fugitive in the west for the rest of her life? Why not just chill in Vancouver for a while; she has two residences there, it’s a nice place. Extradition takes a long time, and trump has indicated willingness to overlook her alleged crimes . My loonie says she’ll stay :slight_smile:



I’m sure treating her like a hostage bargaining chip in a trade war totally won’t impact the legal case against her… /s
If I were her lawyers, I’d be all over that.



Normally an admission from the POTUS that extradition is sought so that the accused CFO can become a trade-war bargaining chip, rather than for genuine legal charges, would be enough for a court to refuse the request.
But this is Trump, and everyone knows that his solemn promises are worthless and that the words that fall out when he opens his face-hole are just meaningless garbage.



It seems the US can’t extradite for that, so instead they are accusing her of lying to a bank (HSBC). I have not seen any information on whether this fib took place in US jurisdiction.
EDIT: This article (prior to the bail decision) has some info about the charges and defence.



Made in China



Well, this being Canada, there’s a lot of “legacy” equipment in government services. The ankle monitors in question were made by PYE electronics in England, circa 1959. They only weigh 42 pounds (three stone), have easily replaceable Mullard valves, and the supplied AC power cord ( 250 volt three prong ) allows the client to roam as much as eleven feet from the outlet.



This is really worrying as a Canadian. China has already retaliated by arresting a Canadian former diplomat. And we’ve said this wasn’t political, but now how can we say that?

Of course if we let her go and said we were duped by the Americans into making a political arrest that wouldn’t go well for us either.

God damn it, Trump.



The strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must.



Oh, it never occurred to me that that Chinese phones (or any phones for that matter) would need components from the U.S.

Edit: I see now. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with phones they manufacture. The allegations are that they used that Hong Kong company to route actual U.S. products to Iran. I forgot Huawei does a lot more than make phones.

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