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Faux Portland Ambient Sound


America’s Test Kitchen suggests cooking human teeth.


gruesome toothsome!


13 dogs all performed sex acts on the dead


Robotic scarecrow working for a right-wing outrage site


How to write responsibly on the internet about a right-wing outrage site


Short shorts not dead


Floppy Tube quickly pops skin off baby panda triplets.


A collection of pot from its artistic glory days of the 1960s


Profile of Ferguson Village miracle cool nuclear Olympic fun pot abuse booklets. Hooray! It’s an insane way to draw artistic glory of the 1960s. Aloha, you’re free.


Hooray! The next Neal Stephenson dick-pic has been announced.


The power of @daneel compells me:
Floppy Tube: Former NSA spook resigns from Naval War College in dick-pic scandal


‘Aloha shirts’ from vintage kids’ sheets


The Mysterious Condom in “Dick-Pic Scandal!”

Worst. Superhero. Ever.


(Mask not included.)


Worst? He saves lives before they are born.

He’s more than a hero, he’s a hipsterhero.


would. buy.


The Mysterious Condom is Terrible Because It is “Too Big to Function”

Shades of this BBC article, perennially revived under the “Most Shared” column.


George RR Martin says fans ask for more two-headed dolphin sex scenes


I cannot love that enough!