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I can’t love that enough!


Lab-grown penises record set, 1090 feet


Oh man I was just waiting to see what headline would come out of that penis story. No pun intended.


Twin Peaks insists it didn’t take sides.


Cops knock out pony who walked in to English police station smoking a cigarette

The officer is quoted as saying “It was neigh good for his health, so I fucked him up”


What skulls and skeletons being remotely wiped means for law enforcement (and for you)


Solar-charging your car and suspicion in small towns

Doesn’t seem far-fetched, sadly.


Anybody else familiar with the @TwoHeadlines bot?

source code



I hadn’t see that two headlines bot - thanks for pointing it out. What I actually want is code that actually writes the articles of the headlines we mash - I would totally put out a zine based on that.


Drunken man, attempting to steal Yoda, inadvertently falls from roof, killing boy


Wendys employee training video encourages shower peeing


Hitler sighting over Florida

(am I doing this right?)


WATCH: Shitfaced Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”


Cory’s a meth head.


[How state anti-choice laws let judges humiliate vulnerable teens][1]: [Murderer celebrates release from 30-year term, kills mother][2]

Well, that was dark.
[1]: How state anti-choice laws let judges humiliate vulnerable teens
[2]: Murderer celebrates release from 30-year term, kills mother


Monster leech “a pocket full of miracles”



[Monster leech swallows][1] [ LA bus passenger][2]
[1]: Monster leech swallows giant worm
[2]: LA bus passenger: "Don't mess with me, I have ebola."


Bono sorry for “scratching” device


Bono sorry for compulsively pleasuring himself upon stuffed horse