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Wednesday’s winner: @tropo!


While I would have enjoyed the win, I think crenquis got more votes on this one:


12 Cool Parent-Child Projects: Every Flavor of Mad Dog


Ebola Plane Blown Apart by Truce Over Gaza: Situation Grave


Librarians and patrons spontaneously de-evolve into subhuman beasts


Book of funny torture encounters ‘accidentally emailed’ between librarians


Ah, yes. I believe you’re right - I got the cutoff point wrong. Congratulations to @crenquis!


Fantastic cookbook of panty clad peaches that look like extremely inexpensive little butts


UK Politician infiltrated panty-clad occultists party: "Independent little butts."


Panty-clad Obama tortured some folks in China.

Yeah, two entries. Call this one “for amusement purposes only”


Book of funny photos reveals seedy history between librarians and patrons


Thursdays winner - @crenquis!


Fridays winner - tie between @crenquis and @funruly (I think - correct me if I got the time-stamps wrong)

Overall winner - @crenquis!

Thanks all for playing! I will now take recommendations for rule changes to the next round.


Otis Redding is Hard with our pals from Boars, Gore, and Swords.


How much should you be worried about contaminated tap water

boring, but inspired by this post


Subtle I see what you did there.


Ultra-low-budget adorable penguin cooking videos are what the internet needs


Transparent mice good for kids in limited doses.


One of the things I have noticed is I tend to vote by liking at the time I am creating an entry of my own. I have gone back online at a later time and noted there were new entries for the day but I had already used my vote. Perhaps we should vote on the prior day’s entries instead of voting same day?


Coca-Cola, wonder drug ‘likely saved’ first two Americans with Ebola