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My mom made me a suit like that. I had no idea others were as unfortunate. (Love you, mom! But it was soooooooooo ugly.)


Just another reminder that if one were to put on any suit constructed in the 70’s, you will look like a circus clown.


Those kids are minutes away from getting their books dumped.
And/or being on the receiving end of several Atomic Wedgies.


At least the corduroy leisure suits came in solid colors…


Dispatches from the (near) future:

Who wouldn’t want to be Dance Captain for the Internet Archive?!?!?!?!

He was fleshy, grotesque and mutated - no getting around it - but MAN could he play the vibes!

“Baby, If you want to get go on a roadtrip you buy these small cars and let them drive all over for the cameras. That’s Hotwheels, man!”

::blink blink::


Kill Rock Stars president explains why the radio suck in the U.S.


Blame Canada!


Machine-learning model fed web content continues to campaign for Trump


Major selling points. Sure it’s all adcopy. But it’s TRUE.



I’m not sure who these guys are, but they’re followed by Erik aargh Hanson!




Is your bot getting…famous?!?


Only gained 2 followers in the past week, so prolly not.

However, at 65 followers it is my most popular bot!


Just look at it:


Did you end up putting the source code for this online? I’m building a Chuck Tingle Markov Bot for my friend’s birthday present, and I’m a little confused on the actual ‘tweeting’ step.


If you’re using heroku though, their free tier has changed, and you’re better off not having any timing mechanism whatsoever. Have it run only once when executed, and use a scheduled task (their own weird interface to a limited cron job) to trigger it throughout the day.




It may be a wee bit dystopian, but we a truly living in the future:

uh… boogie?

First it was fire, now there’s no stopping the bears:



Protest all you want, but these deals are on fleek!

40-year-old punks should be shot, or re-educated through labor.

… now that we need it, more than ever

That nasty little website. Sad!

Now THAT is what I call a re-imagining!