Huge bear eats bag of dog food and naps on someone's lawn

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Dogs evolved from bears.

The dog branch (Caniformia) of the family tree appears 56 million years ago, about 20 million years before bears (Ursidae).

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Thanks, so it’s the other way around…

Not necessarily. Probably more accurate to say that bears and dogs evolved from a common ancestor.

Then when did the Picnic Basket get interesting to the Bears?



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I’m guessing after that big a meal he decided to start hibernating early.

It does always strike me how much bears look like dogs close up. Dogs that could tear your face off, but still.


Black bear? Huge? Really?

An average male Florida black bear weighs 136 kg (300 lb). Kinda typical for black bears. Five hundred lbs plus, now you’re talking.

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