Huge crop circle in Italy


I wonder if someone is compensating the farmer? It looks like they trampled half the crop.

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It appears to be more of a dirt circle.

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Some of the people who make these (I know some) do pay the farmers. Others don’t. The real funny thing is the UFO people who claim it’s done by aliens because the artists can’t own up to it publicly because they might be prosecuted for vandalism. On the other hand, sometimes the farmers are paid for the crops and to tell a story about lights over the field or some other extraterrestrial story, for extra giggles.


Now wouldn’t everyone be pleased if it was the result of master crop circle maker Francesco Grassi and colleagues (who are extraterrestrials), doing it the easy way and using a beam weapon?

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This is definitely proof of something.


Some of these things aren’t circular. Let’s call them “crop marks.”

Why don’t the aliens just put one of these down on the White House lawn? That would do it for me.

The crop circle needs to be placed on the property of someone without a lot of credibility…


I remember back when we used to make those with one of these doohickeys and a wax pencil.

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I wonder if it was these guys?

ooh, engineers! and aliens.

I for one welcome our crop-trampling alien overlords.


Yes, the entire English-speaking population that has been using this particular colloquialism for decades should stop and use your idea now.


Hi, I’m one of the Italian circlemakers who did this (also a science journo by day). Yes, the farmer was compensated. Details here in Italian.


It’s just a suggestion. You can call them whatever you like.

Aliens? Try Elder Gods!

They weren’t stamped down! They were PULLED down — from BELOW!

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