What is the cause of these mysterious "crop circles" found on a carpet?

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Several commenters said the circles were probably caused by a robot vacuum navigating around the piano legs. That seems like the most logical, and least fun, reason.

That was my initial assumption - I was briefly misled by the stock photo used in this post, but upon seeing the actual photo, that really seems like the most likely answer, given the various irrelgular marks.


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I caught the original post on threads, took one look and said “roomba” and then promptly dug through looking for confirmation. Eventually saw the OP admit to having a Roomba but that couldn’t be answer because it was old and barely worked.

Being that the old crappy roombas were in fact the very ones without proper mapping, making it even MORE likely to be the culprit not less, I washed my hands of it.

The old roombas just ran around randomly until it hit something the left or right bumper. I figure a defective side bumper switch, little bot hits the post on the defective side and just goes in circles not realizing what has happened.


This theory could be conclusively proved if the piano owner also had a cat who was often dizzy.


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I’d want to protect my rug (how is that leg even that close to a wall with a piano often overhanging legs quite?) with discs to distribute the load, but that doesn’t much explain very even graphite rings or gray stuff rings; save that the clear circles for distributing the severe caster load also have rubber stay-in-place rings, which of course disintegrated over 7y. Or: Just something the piano tuner does?


Wow, some people really do not understand how sound works. Displacing carpet fibers, if it were possible at all, would require enough volume to deafen anyone in the room. I think someone would have noticed.

It’s a hemp-ragweed-polyester rug, so besides shedding polyester all over the place the particular treatment of the hemp and ragweed make for some regular shedding that you might not have called out in the all-wool progenitor.

Possibly a software issue.

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