Rug pattern looks like Pennywise

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Oh, it doesn’t just look like him…


I have a bad feeling about this.



On Apophenia and Pareidolia and headaches

…The doctors didn’t know if my eyes would ever heal.
I was terrified, alone in that darkness.
Slowly, daylight crept in through the bandages and I could see.
But something else had changed inside me.
That day I had my first headache. …

Restate my assumptions.
One: Mathematics is the language of nature.
Two: Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers.
Three: If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge*.
Therefore, there are patterns everywhere in nature.

From πππ

I see the singing flowers from Alice In Wonderland, in a cuttlefishinksack-o-vison™ tone.

from Alice In Wonderland, Disney 1951 ,
Image from Google search and this Pinterest Pin,
sepia tone by me and Adobo Pohoto Shob (It’s just like Photoshop but not.)

And now for the apophenitic earworm that came to mind when I saw the image on the carpet.

from Pogo, Alice- July 2007


Just don’t walk up to Pennywise, and say, “Hey. You look like a piece of rug.”



I listened to/watched the Alice video…hadn’t heard/seen it before. Liked it a lot.

Looked into Pogo…and realized I’d heard about him before. Damn.


… and Pennywise looks like Clint Howard.

Enquiring minds want to know: does this rug float?

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I was thinking it looked like a thermal image of the Predator.

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That was my first thought too. Click the edit history on my first post above.

I see The Predator looking down at another The Predator in alien Old-Timey vision, which is like therm-o-vision, but from the past like 1715.

You are not the only person that saw that, but you were brave enough the stick with your with your convictions.

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(just by the way fyi) on this site, it’s set so you should be able to see your own edit history, but other people can’t see yours

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Thank you. That’s not particularly useful. On the other hand I get it for privacy. I usually edit for clarity, and add information as to why I am editing, but if nobody else can see it, then why should I note why I am editing it?

As you can see, I am steeped in collaborative culture. I just assumed that everything I typed showed up in viewable a history log. I feel better now. Every insensitive thing I ever said about our autonomous artificially intelligent overlords can’t be read by just…

That’s odd. Somebody’s at the door?


The eeriness started early.



I have a Persian carpet right next to me that I was a little afraid to peek at after seeing this…

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wait…so pennywise isn’t just a strain of weed that i enjoyed on my recent sabbatical in canada?

No, it’s the strain of weed that means you now see clowns following you everywhere. Does what it say on the tin, alright. :grinning:

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