White Rabbit


What one sees after consuming Hasenpfeffer made with magic mushrooms?

Edit to add this bugs remix:

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Any idea why some of us find these pics painful and others, apparently, don’t?

I don’t get it.

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I’m really digging these things, are they gathered all together in one place somewhere?

Doesn’t gestalt psychology get into that?

Reminds me of Louis Wain’s more psychedelic-looking cats.

Not sure about now, but the pre-web archive is available on 80’s parachute pants:

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Um, yeah, I know the song. I don’t understand the picture. If it’s supposed to bend my mind or something, it’s not working.

It’s unreasonable to like a simple collage image like this that took someone 5 minutes or less to set up using the most minimal skills and a few quick google searches for images. I guess I’m unreasonable.

No, just to represent what you might see if your mind was already bent. Or to refer to that state anyway.

If it doesn’t amuse you, it doesn’t. De gustibus. It got a gentle grin from me, and since I remember the 60’s I wasn’t there.

Not that I’ve seen. Not that I’ve been able to find anything on, either.

I don’t know what these pain-patterns are called though, it would help if I knew. I have trouble with pain-flashes too, and the combination like in the Penrose Stairs post.

I think that there should be a mix of leisure suits in that pic. Just to add to the ick factor.
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