My God, it’s full of stairs!


There’s a lady who’s sure…




Pair this with a looping Shepard’s Ascending Tone, and you’ve got yourself a party!


Trigger warning: migraine sufferers edition.


I need a screen locker that lets me play animated gifs then count the bodies of people accumulate outside my cube.


Gee, good I already took my Keppra or I’d be having a seizure-fest. Could you please include a page break or something before confronting people with epilepsy with these trigger-GIFs? K thx bai.


It’s not an ideal solution but you can turn off animated images in firefox.


Sorry, I don’t know how to do it in other browsers.


Damn. I misread the headline. I was expecting Penfold stairs.


Yeah, I know that plugin (use it on my Desktop), doesn’t work on Firefox Mobile though. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


This gives me a strong desire to play Mario Kart, Rainbow Road


It looks more like climbing up a regular old helix to me.


Yeah. Also this.

I guess it still hits the same “infinite staircase” note as the classic Penrose stairs, but there’s no sense of any paradox here.

ETA: Sorry, meant to reply to knappa


Word. Pretty cool, but looks nothing like Penrose stairs to me beyond, uh, the stairs.


Agreed; you need to see the whole thing to see a paradox. There was this fun little article I read a while back that was about this. “On the Cohomology of Impossible Figures” by R. Penrose http://www.jstor.org/stable/1575844


I’m suddenly getting Revolutionary Girl Utena flashbacks.


Prior to Pinky and The Brain, one of my all-time favorite cartoon characters!


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