Huge eagle tries to take 8 y.o. girl



Is that a fucking SWORD strapped to the back of the helmeted figure who runs to the rescue? Kyrgyzstan is hardcore.


It totally is, replete with gladiator-style wrist cuffs.

Glad the kid is alright and they contained the bird without killing it; what crazy shit.


Oh, I assumed those were falconer’s gloves or something given the limited context of the article:

Apparently, the girl was wandering around a restricted area, that was specifically designed to show off these big-ass hunting birds. Ultimately she was ok, and just needed a few stitches, but the bird experts of the area said that the bird was not trying to hunt, and if it were, she wouldn’t have survived.

I’m reminded of a similar story from 2012 that turned out to be a fake video.

ETA: this story looks to be legit (or at least a good enough fake to fool The Daily Mail, which admittedly isn’t saying much) but happened in 2018. I guess the guy who ran to the rescue was indeed the eagle’s handler.


i own two swords but i generally only have them in public when i go to the renfest nearest to me and not every time i go.


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