Hugo Award Winners 2016

Can’t be GRRM because Tingle produces his stories at an alarming rate.



Wewease Bwian!

You don’t like sweeter sauces?

I just… don’t know what this has to do with the Hugos… Have you been hacked? Blink once for yes. We promise to come help.

They were announced in KC, MO. Cory is in KC, MO. He should check out some BBQ after the awards.


Isn’t Hao Jingfang “of colour” as well? Not the same colour as NK Jemisin or Nnedi Okorafor, but still not white.

OH! Sorry you had to explain it to me!


There’s a lot of puppy shit in the Fancasts nominated.

The one that I’m sad about is Tales to Terrify, which is actually rather good, but it suffered from three things working against it:

  • It’s not especially high profile and so it’s fairly safe to say that it only made the ballot because of Teddy’s gaming things. The Electorate hate that kind of thing.
  • There’s a sizable portion of the Hugo electorate who don’t care for the Fancast category at all. GRRM for instance says that he thinks it a stupid category. Personally I think he’s wrong on this, but he’s hardly alone. No Award was a sizable factor even in 2014 when the Puppy factor barely existed.
  • When the Electorate do like podcasts they seem to favour things that are effectively recorded panel discussions. Story based podcasts have never made the shortlist in a fair competition - for Fancast anyhow - Starship Sofa won Fanzine which seems to have prompted the creation of the category. Similarly the excellent Escape Pod qualifies as Semi-Prozine, but has never come close to the shortlist.

Ah, so both problems - reactionary fancasts and no one caring enough about the category to see past the puppy taint on the rest, unlike other categories that were all puppy nominations.
It’s too bad about the category and really too bad that podcasts like Escape Pod aren’t getting the recognition they deserve.

Personally, I prefer Joe’s Kansas City (formerly Oklahoma Joe’s) and Jackstack to Arthur Bryants, but frankly you can’t really go wrong with just about any Kansas City BBQ joint. I will definitely miss it when I move.


For anyone on the fence Uncanny Magazine (best semiprozine) is great. They also published the aforementioned work “Folding Beijing” and I highly recommend checking them out.


OH he changed his name? I might try it out. “Oklahoma” Joes in freaking Kansas/Missouri. WTF?

Gates is another good one.

They sell a pack of 3 or 4 sauces at the air port which makes good gifts.

He won our hearts, that’s what really matters.

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At least he’s gotten a new book out of it all… :laughing:


I’m disappointed Chuck Tingle didn’t win but definitely congrats to all the winners


Oklahoma Joe’s was originally a partnership of 3 people, 2 of whom are a married couple in KC. Joe was the third and he lives in Oklahoma. The original Oklahoma Joe’s was in Stillwater but closed years ago. Joe then opened a new restaurant in Tulsa, also called Oklahoma Joe’s but unaffiliated with the one in KC. He’s trying to franchise that, so the owners of the KC version changed the name and bought him out of his share in these.

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They No-Awarded LARRY ELMORE?

I saw that too. I mean, maybe he didn’t do anything of note this year, but my God, he was THE MAN when I was growing up.

I looked up the Rabid Puppy picks, and found this guide to

The thing is that many of these Rabid Puppies attached their names to what I assume is good stuff (Seveneyes, The Martian, Sandman…) as well as absolute trash. So the voting this year can’t really be read as straight up celebration of what is great SF-- instead, it’s primarily a repudiation of some bastards.

I can’t wait for it to “get back to normal” in 2017.

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