Hugo Long List anthology of great science fiction -- now available!

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So an anthology of Hugo award losers?


Yep. Very relevant for this year, when the voting process got hijacked by the Sad Puppies.

I live in the same area as the creator of the project and he hand delivered my copy. We had a cup of coffee and chatted for quite awhile about books, scifi, and fantasy. He’s a terrific fellow and I look forward to future projects.

One interesting thing he told me was that he let the long list itself dictate what would be included and here the puppies success at getting things on the ballot worked against them as anything on the ballot wasn’t included in the anthology.

I also chuckled at the idea of a hugo loser anthology. Really though there is so much terrific fiction that I can’t get to in a year that an anthology like this us an excellent idea. Browsing the contents there are lots of stories I haven’t come across in my 3 separate subscriptions so I’m happy.

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