Hugo nominations close tomorrow!

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I forget, what’s the name of that novel with the ludicrous plot of the Americans electing a fascist president?

Hope Walkaway gets nominated. It was a great read and reminded me how much you have your finger on the pulse of people’s (often unspoken) thought processes related to society etc.

This also seems a good spot to remind people the The Long List Anthology is still being published. It’s a collection of the Hugo short stories and novellas that get nominated but don’t make the final ballot. The 3rd year is available and this nomination process will help create the 4th. I’ve really been enjoying the collection as it exposes me to stories from a variety of publications that I don’t get a chance to read. The editor, David Steffen, is a real nice guy too. I had the pleasure of meeting him for coffee when I picked up the first one.

Thank you, Kenny!

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