Hugo-nominated authors blame Orbit for withholding their books from voters' package


Luckily (?) it’s possible for Hugo voters to otherwise get ahold of ebook copies of those books for free, should they be so inclined.

Edit - or they could just buy them, of course. Mira Grant’s Parasite is the only novel that I’ve read from the Hugo nominated list so far, and I quite enjoyed it.

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That sucks, because these are the three I most want to win… Ancillary Justice because I’ve already read it and enjoyed it, and the other two because I’ve read other things by those authors and plan to read these books eventually.

Now the odds are slightly better for “guy who organized a voting campaign based on politics” and “huge multi-book series that should never have been allowed to be nominated as a single novel, despite the fact that it technically fits under the rules.” And that makes me sad, because if either of those wins, I will probably have to break my plan of “reading every Hugo or Nebula award winner.”

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