Human composting is now legal in Washington, and offered by a Seattle business

I don’t think so. This is composting, which is eventually used to feed plants, as opposed to slop, which is used to feed animals.

The mad cow outbreak was exacerbated by the brilliant money saving idea of turning ruminant herbivores into cannibals by feeding them slaughterhouse scrap that that can’t be sold for human consumption (which is saying something given the lax regulation and prevalence of “mechanically separated” meat products, aka “pink slime”.) The feed included nerves and brain tissue that contained the prions for mad cow

BSE is thought to be due to an infection by a misfolded protein, known as a prion.[3][6] Cattle are believed to have been infected by being fed meat-and-bone meal (MBM) that contained the remains of cattle who spontaneously developed the disease or scrapie-infected sheep products.[3][7] The outbreak increased throughout the United Kingdom due to the practice of feeding meat-and-bone meal to young calves of dairy cows.[3][8]

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Very true. Even more so in the darkest timeline.

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So, do we just write in with names and addresses, or what?

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