Human mob defeats single AI in the battle to retake San Francisco's streets

That’s what a fox would say.


Spielberg’s AI is definitely worth a rewatch, imo. I would suggest viewing the Haley Joel Osment character not as a pet, or Pinocchio, but as the terminator, fueled by a flawed understanding (by the humans who created him) of what love in. In the end, he destroys the thing he ‘loves’, utterly.

There’s also a segment in the middle where a guy wearing an Indiana Jones hut chases the robots down in a hot-air balloon, that looks like the Amblin Images logo, and speaks directly to the audience, before they start destroying robots:

Do not be fooled… by the artistry of this creation. No doubt there was talent in the crafting of this simulator. Yet with the very first strike… you will see the big lie come apart before your very eyes!

Words of wisdom, far ahead of its time. That this was also a sly dig at the blockbuster movie system Spielberg is himself a part of is just. Wow.


Umm… no. Did I miss a story about Paris rising up against automated cars? Although it IS a town that begins with P. Portland (Maine, the original Portland).

Someone probably misremembered the premise of this film. (The cars were not self-driving.)



To quote Dan Olson:“If you’re gonna abuse the commons, I’m going to chuck your stuff in the river.”

Or set it on fire obvs, that works too. Needs must.

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Their AI is fairly basic and only a few of them run amok…


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