Human noise is threatening ocean life

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I don’t think humans really understand how much we are screwing up the planet, and screwing up our own future simply by the way we live.

Even in the most remote wilderness areas we’re finding traces of plastic and man-made chemicals like medicines. I suspect this stuff has an effect the same way leaded gasoline was shown to have increased crime rates.

You know the story of the guy who fell off the top of the Empire State building? The whole way down he was saying “so far, so good.”


A week or so ago I was on an overnight cruise in Milford Sound, and saw several pods of dolphins doing dolphin stuff. The ship’s crew noted that over the last year they have seen a LOT more marine mammal activity in the Sound - including dolphins, seals, and whales - which they put down to the sudden and sustained cessation of international cruising especially, but also the drastic reduction of the locally based boats running around the place. They had been getting something absurd like 300 cruise ship-visits per year, up to and including Ovation of the Seas, plus god knows how many catamaran cruiser movements zipping about the place. The constant noise and movements were driving the wildlife that people want to see away.

Something something golden egg something goose.

A ‘whoa’ moment was provided by the parking space out the front of the dock where the locally based cruisers departed from. There is space for up to 40 of the full-sized coaches that ferry folks between Te Anau and Milford to park simultaneously. It was utterly empty, aside for a single mini-bus waiting to pick up a few trampers off the Track.

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