Human Shipping Containers that are absolutely not PortaPotty Coffins

I can see no possible downside to this technology.


That’s very, very much like the pods HR Giger dreamt up for


Maybe he would have gotten that movie made, if he had promoted the script with a snappy upbeat promotional video?


They’re still too big and comfortable for Ryanair.



Well, there’s the soon-to-be-common case where the airline delivers your luggage correctly but loses you.


Seriously, if they could solve the stupid chaos that is boarding by having everyone get into a row of boxes which then are hydraulically lifted all at once into the plane, I would not mind.

Especially if it removes the possibility of someone suddenly reclining into my laptop screen.

I guess there is some logistics issues with such a scheme. Like being trapped in a metal box during a water landing. And also a bunch of extra weight.

Maybe they could streamline it and get rid of some of the amenities.

The in flight entertainment system is junk. Just give me a phone charger.

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I’m having a very difficult time understanding how adding the container makes any of this more efficient.

It’s a relatively vast amount of bulk and weight compared to any of the ‘just get in vehicle’ transportation options; but it certainly doesn’t look pleasant enough to make subjecting yourself to the cargo system a viable plan.

It’s more roomy than business class, but not first class. But why would an airliner be any kind of benchmark?

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